Yoga Therapy Sessions

 What does a session of Yoga Therapy look like?
Jackie Corso's Yoga Therapy sessions are either 1 or 1.5 hours. Each session from her Cape Cod studio is different — depending upon your needs and interests. Sessions often include a mix of talking about your particular issue, combined with your choice* of Yoga practices (deep breathing, postures, relaxation techniques and guided meditaton). Counseling/psychotherapeutic techniques appropriate and "to the heart of the matter" are implemented. There are also techniques that go to an even deeper level (part-psychology) which are perfect after some relaxing yoga and/or breathwork. Guided imagery is also used.

Blocks to your self-care program (what is keeping you from starting or following through on your plans, ideas and health goals) are addressed.

You walk away from every session with a “prescription,” a plan with suggestions and a review of what was accomplished. You begin to take more charge of lifestyle changes. The point of Yoga therapy is to remove the blocks to your own self-care and to implement aspects of Yoga and other healthy choices.  Lifestyle suggestions are offered and "homework" is considered. Homework may include a journaling or reading* assignment or others.

*Or Jackie's suggestions.

*There is a lending library in Jackie's office with books on Yoga, Health, Spirituality, Psychology, etc. Most students borrow books to preview them before purchasing. Many simply use the literature to enhance the existing changes occurring in their lives. 

If you are interested in Yoga Therapy sessions, News and any upcoming Cape Cod workshops and retreats, please contact Jackie to Learn More.