Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?
“Yoga Therapy provides instruction in yogic practices and teachings to prevent or alleviate pain and suffering and their root causes. It is best taught one-on-one to address the unique matrix of conditions and aspirations of the student/client.”
(Kepner, John, International Journal of Yoga Therapy. No. 13 -2003).

Yoga Therapy with Jacqueline Corso extends beyond Yogic practices and teachings to include her Western training as well - Rehabilitation Theory and Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Techniques. This bridges the best of Eastern and Western approaches.

Yoga Therapy addresses physical, emotional and/or cognitive concerns. Like any good therapy, goals are met together, and tools and techniques are shared! The client's independence (moving from the therapist) is also the goal.

The whole point of Yoga Therapy is to get you to start or to enhance your self-care program. Many questions are asked in the assessment phase which will help you identify your priorities. The Yoga and meditation piece centers the heart and body, which refreshes the mind. This is truly a holistic approach to health.

If you are interested in Yoga Therapy sessions, News and any upcoming Cape Cod workshops and retreats, please contact Jackie to Learn More.