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What is Therapy? Psychotherapy? Counseling?

Therapy is a commonly used term. It often suggests treatment of an illness or disability and it usually has a healing power or quality to it, as in Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or Yoga Therapy. Traditionally, therapy involves counseling and an exchange of opinions and ideas in order to clarify or ameliorate a situation or condition. Psychotherapy is a more clinical term which generally uses the psychological insights to articulate cognitive and/or emotional issues. Therapy with Jackie Corso incorporates all components — depending upon your comfort and need. She is trained as a Rehabilitation Counselor and Psychotherapist in the Western tradition, as well as a Yogi. Please see About Jackie for more info.

Self care is the ultimate goal for Therapy and Counseling. The emphasis is on you taking your insights and tools into your life.

(Definitions from Webster Dictionary. 1991) 

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