​What does a Yoga session look like?

Since Jackie Corso draws from many traditions, her sessions are always different. All sessions from her Cape Cod studio (either private or in a class with others) are uniquely tailored.

So…a Yoga session with her may include all or some of the following - depending upon YOUR interest:

  • Centering exercises (practicing becoming present or being aware of the moment.
  • Breathing techniques (designed to help you breathe correctly and to help you differentiate between controlled breath and natural breath.
  • Warm-ups to ease you into Yoga poses (asanas).

All techniques designed to have you move your body in a specific way so that you experience openness, flexibility and the movement of Prana (energy or life force) which initiates deep healing.

The sessions usually end with a conscious relaxation of the whole body (and integrate all the benefits of the session) and finally, Meditation (various techniques are taught so that you can choose what works best for you). Chanting (as a breathing technique, devotional experience and relaxation method) is also integrated as desired.

Small Yoga classes with Jackie

Jackie sometimes offers a public class in the Cape Cod area. The good news is, since she is a Yoga Therapist, her eye is always on your physical and emotional safety – even in a class. The classes are small (about 4 students) and always geared at your level. Modifications are always offered. Small/semi-private classes are often available in her studio and sometimes larger ones are available in the community. Check the Calendar for these options. For those brand new, nervous (or with special needs,) Jackie recommends a few private sessions to prepare you for class settings. She has seen easier (pain and injury-free) transitions.​ 

If you are interested in Yoga Therapy sessions, News and any upcoming Cape Cod workshops and retreats, please contact Jackie to Learn More.