​​​​​​About Jackie: Ongoing Education

 Jackie regularly participates in training and workshops on psychology, yoga, yoga therapy, mind body disciplines and overall wellness. The following is a list of her recent studies: 


Cape Cod Institute
Psychotherapy and Mind-Body training, from 2003-2014:

  • Yoga for Mood, Amy Weintraub
  • Treating Complex Trauma, Deborah Korn
  • Couples/Intimacy, Esther Peral
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Internal Family Systems, Richard Schwartz
  • Shame, Janina Fisher
  • Healing Sleep and Dreams, Rubin Naiman, 2015.


Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Jackie has studied at BCBS since 2002. Here are a few highlights:

  • Equanimity, May, 2014
  • Teachers: Bill And Susan Morgan (Psychotherapy and Buddhism) Ajaan Thanisarro, Jason Siff (Skillful Meditation project,) David Loy, Bill Waldron, DeeJa Napier, Mark Hart and many others


Buddhism and Consciousness Studies

  • Body Wisdom, Mark Hart, January 2015
  • Listening to What Is, Mark Hart, March 2014
  • Choice-less Awareness, Mark Hart, Winter, 2013
  • Awakening, Adyashanti, 2009-2013
  • Jan Frazier, Teacher and Author of When Fear Falls Away (Amherst, Cambridge, Yarmouth MA)


  • Kripalu Retreat Center
  • Periodic weekend renewals since 2001. 

If you are interested in Yoga Therapy sessions, News and any upcoming Cape Cod workshops and retreats, please contact Jackie to Learn More.