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Articles by Jackie: "Mastering Aloneness"


"Mastering the art of aloneness...means creating and living a life in which you feel whole and content as an individual on your own..."
- Lauren Mackler 

I love the fall.  I love the colors.  Moreso, I love the knowing that we're into the season of letting go (the leaves will fall, no matter what we do or wish!) and preparing for the next season - winter, the season of stillness and quiet.

Sometimes the fall can feel sad.  There can be a sense of loneliness as we watch the leaves turn and drop, release from their branches and drift to the ground. And yet, maybe it's in this moment of free falling that leaves are most alive - free to ride currents, soar up then drop down, to be what by their very nature they are.

I recently read Lauren Mackler's book "Solemate."  In it, Mackler talks about living quite fully alone - that is, living alone in ways that are full, rich, nourishing.  For so many of us, 'alone' means (or so some voice in our heads tell us it means) "less than," "lacking."  So many of us have grown up and lived our lives with belief systems that create, encourage, or solidify identification of "alone" with "unworthy," "incomplete," "unloveable," and a host of other less than favorable things.  But Mackler encourages us to look more deeply into these beliefs that keep us for from living the most fulfilled, authentic, and rich lives we can live - beliefs that have us tying up our self-feelings with whether and with whom we are in relationships.

SO...if you'd like to explore how you could LIVE MORE FULLY, ALONE, how to get clear about who you are, what's holding you back, what you need, where you're headed - with or without a 'significant other,' please contact Jackie