​​​​​​Purpose of Yoga

Yoga, from the Sanskrit root “Yug,” means “union.” Returning to wholeness, therefore, is the essential meaning of Yoga. Swami Kripalu said, “The purpose of Yoga is the attainment of happiness, peace and bliss. The meaning of Yoga is the union of individual consciousness with All-That-Is…and the ultimate result of all Yoga is purity of mind and body.”*​​

* Kripalu Yoga Fellowship Teaching Manual, 2000.

What can Yoga do for me?1. Increase flexibility, mobility, general health and well-being.2. Offer a prevention program or maintenance of good health.3. Reduce blood pressure, PAIN (particularly back pain), amounts of medications (i.e., for asthma), admissions for emergency conditions, employee absenteeism, headaches, and sleeplessness.4. Work along side your present physical therapy or rehabilitation program (often times speeding up the process).5. Help with your sport activities and competitions (for example, with your golf or tennis game). Also helpful in sports rehabilitation — to get you back to the game more quickly.6. Open the door to a meditative, more relaxing form of exercise that also adds a perspective on living. This helps you become more centered and better able to determine your life paths.7. Boost the immune system.8. Provide aids to breathing, helping with upper respiratory conditions.9. Help you be more content and happy with what is (i.e. be more aware and accepting of things you can and can't control).10. Help you make and maintain the mind-body connection.11. Deepen your feelings of relaxation, peace and serenity.12. Improve overall quality of life.

(According to the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, 11, pg.44 [2001]

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