Yoga Therapy ​& Select Issues interest

First and foremost, Jackie works strictly with a non-pathological model. People suffering are not sick, they are suffering. This is a compassionate approach to the human experience!

Anxiety is the unease or worry without direct threat. While slight amounts of anxiety are normal and necessary in some situations, excessive amounts are troublesome and interfere with relationships, social settings, work, even in spending time alone.Yoga Therapy addresses the mind, body, and heart. Yoga postures open the heart, chest and throat and relieve overall stress in the body. Special breathing techniques help you slow your heart rate, calm your mind and focus on what is -- not what is imagined.Additionally, a very helpful theory of anxiety is explained: Anxiety is a symptom, not a feeling. If you are anxious, you are not experiencing your feelings and that is the cause of anxiety. Through the exercises mentioned, additional mind-body  techniques, and Jackie's warm counseling approach, you are guided away from the symptom (Anxiety) and towards your ability to manage your feelings. If you are interested in Yoga Therapy sessions 

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