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Jacqueline Corso's Yoga Therapy, based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is focused on providing the highest quality, most attentive and personalized mind-body care for people experiencing physical and/or emotional issues.

Yoga Therapy is an effective combination of the ancient art of Yoga (and meditation) and the powerful impact of the most modern psychotherapeutic/counseling techniques available. It truly is a holistic approach that adapts to your unique and special needs. Yoga Therapy is completely personalized.

Issues that respond most favorably to Yoga Therapy are anxiety, trauma, addictions, compulsive behaviors, physical injuries, chronic pain and symptoms of chronic illness and stress. Many people also arrange appointments for overall wellness and prevention.

With Jackie's expert guidance, warm presence and teachings of practical tools and techniques, a holistic approach to the improvement of your health is implemented: pain is managed, symptoms reduced, goals are met. A holistic self-care plan is co-created. Ongoing support is available from Jackie.

Jackie's comprehensive therapeutic approach is goal-oriented and leans toward a short-term emphasis with the following overview in mind:

T. I. P. S.

T = Tools and Techniques that are personalized and that you can implement immediately.

I = These tools must be Important and necessary to you — Your motivation is addressed.

P = Practical and Personal. Your tools must be "friendly" and doable, completely based on your needs, level and availability. If you do not see results you will not continue.

S = Self-Focused — Self-Care is #1. Remember the airplane rule? You must take care of yourself first, so you can help those who depend on you. Self-care is what we are all seeking. And it is a therapeutic goal.

Jackie offers Yoga Therapy sessions from her comfortable and convenient Cape Cod, MA studio. In addition, she can come to your home or office. Phone and email consultations are also available.

An informative, periodic Newsletter is also available.

Customized workshops and retreats for your select group may also be developed.

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If you are interested in Yoga Therapy sessions, News and any upcoming Cape Cod workshops and retreats, please contact Jackie Corso to learn more.

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