​Hatha Yoga

 Hatha Yoga is the Yoga system of physical well-being. It considers the body to be a “sacred doorway” through which we focus our awareness, and by which our body's inborn potential for well-being is unleashed. It is for the young and old, healthy and unhealthy, strong and weak, religious or agnostic. Jackie Corso's specialty is to adapt this form of Yoga to meet your needs. 

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Kripalu Yoga

 Kripalu Yoga is a modern school of Yoga that reflects a synthesis of ancient approaches. It was developed by an enlightened Swami Kripalu ("Kripalu" means compassion in Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga). He was a man from India whose students have embraced his style of Yoga quite vigorously. In fact, his philosophy is the foundation for the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA, around 150 miles from Cape Cod.

Briefly, Kripalu Yoga incorporates the physical practice of Hatha Yoga, the mental disciplines of Raja Yoga, the Prana awakening (life force/breathing) of Kundalini, the devotion of Bhakti, and the emphasis on service of Karma Yoga. It is quite holistic.

This is the style of Yoga Jackie Corso predominantly teaches. In her 22 years of Yoga practice, she has studied other traditions such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Solar Yoga and others, but the crux of her approach and philosophy remains with Kripalu.