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There’s no arguing that we are living in a technology-rich world.  But are our lives really ‘enriched’ by all this technology?  

For many of us, the era of technology is also the era of anxiety – anxiety from worrying about when to use what, what to say to whom and within how much time of the message they left; when spelling counts and when an emoticon will suffice; and what about the time we spend looking for the gadgets we fear to be without?!  

There’s no doubt (and plenty of research already!) that how we engage (how and how much) greatly influences our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

There’s no judgment here – no right and wrong.  It’s for each of us to figure out what’s ‘enough’ or ‘too much’ technology; how to find our own ‘balance,’ our own ‘middle path.

If you’re already nodding your head as you read these words, if you’ve recently had thoughts about use of phones, tablets and computers in your life, if you find yourself asking others how and how much they limit themselves or their children, or you simply wonder, “How do I unplug?”

Ample evidence shows that “over-use” of technology influences the mind’s sharpness, the heart’s spaciousness, and the physical bodies in which we live. Some studies indicate techno-heavy lives can create or exacerbate challenges with attention and focus, impair the development of social and face-to-face communication skills, impede the ability to relax deeply or even to sleep soundly.  

Increasingly, individuals report feeling anxious when they have to be away from their devices – that they feel isolated, lonely, uncomfortable now knowing what’s ‘happening,’ and have difficulties being with ‘themselves,’ and connecting with nature and the natural world.

When it comes to the body, well…headaches, hyper-tension, carpal tunnel, eye strain, back issues…we know our bodies are showing signs of techno-damage.

There’s no ‘out of the box’ solution or answer to questions about how to use the technology to which we have access.  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ practice or set of guidelines to help you keep a happy and healthy relationship with your phone or tablet or computer or other people’s associated habits (addictions?) Finding your balance takes attention and intention. And it can be done!

In Yoga Therapy sessions we cultivate greater mindfulness around your use of technology, explore some ‘managing’ strategies and techniques, and have some fun putting in perspective this whole Jetson-esque life we’re living. 

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